5 x 7″ Shadow Box Frame


Materials to make 5 x7 ” Shadow Box Frame :

12 x 12 ” card stock

Score Board and scoring tool

Long blade scissors  or any sharp scissors

Double sided adhesive

bone folder


Cut  card stock to 10 x 12 “. If you would like a hand stamped  pattern or design on your frame, now is the time to add it.

5 x 7" Shadow Box Frame with score marks

5 x 7″ Shadow Box Frame with score marks

Score all four sides at – 1/2″ , 1″, 1-1/2″, 2″

Score at 2-1/2″ and 9-1/2″ with the 12″ edge at the top of the score board,  rotate 180 degrees and repeat.

On short side – 10 ” edge Left hand side of the card stock  cut at the last  vertical score line   up to the last horizontal score line.  Onto the right hand side of the card stock repeat by cutting up the first  vertical score line  to the last horizontal score mark.


Four Cuts on the short Sides.

Four Cuts on the short Sides.

Rotate 180 degrees and repeat this on the other 10″ side.  Remember you will have four cut marks all stopping at the last horizontal score mark.

Working on the long or 12 ” sides.  Cut at the short score marks that only go to the second horizontal score lines ( these were added last at 2-1/2″ and 9-1/2″ respectively).

img_0639Cut one short score mark at a time , once you have reached the second horizontal score line cut diagonally from the corner of  the second score line up to the corner of the third score line and then straight up to the forth score line, this final cut will remove the corner. Refer to the photo on the left hand side for clarification on the diagonal cut.  Repeat this to the end  of this side.


img_0641Once this end is complete rotate the card stock 180 degrees and work on remaining   corners.

Once all four corners are  removed, your piece should look like the image on the right.

Fold and burnish all score lines,  making sure to fold them straight and burnish them straight.

With the card stock face down add double sided adhesive tape just below the first score line on all four sides.  The tape should be as close as you can get it to the score mark, without placing the tape over. Flip the card stock over , working on the right side ,  place tape adhesive on the diagonal cut line (between score  line three and four).


Return to the backside. Working on the short side ( the side without the diagonal cut) remove the tape release paper, fold up so that there are two rows , one with tape, one without.

Making sure to keep the ends snug to the bottom of the fold, Press onto the base , (keeping the fold  straight and the edge held firmly to the bottom of the reversed side when folding over).

img_0647-1Your folded piece should be like this , with no room between the edge and the wall of the Shadow Box Frame side inside the fold.  Rotate the piece 180 degrees and repeat this on the other side without the diagonal cut.

Once you have both  of the 10″ sides made into the frame sides. It is time to work on the last two sides.

With the right side up and working on the tape attached to the diagonal cut,  fold the  release paper of the tape ( at the third score line ) out to the side so that you can pull it off later. Do this to both sides at  one end at a time. Carefully remove the backing of  tape adhesive at the first score line.

This time only fold over one row, not two as we did on the short side. img_0650Keeping the end tucked firmly to the bottom  and back of the second score line, fold over, pull up until you have two score rows and one score line between the fold line and bottom and press down on the base. Keep the piece straight as you go.

Remove the tape release paper from the diagonal cuts on both sides of this new frame side. One side at a time tuck the short side frame matching the mitre of the corner snuggly, once your happy with it press down on the diagonal cut edge.  The tape will hold it in place. img_0655Now move to the other edge , tuck in to short side frame and one you’ve moved the side and bottom to form a snug corner press the diagonal cut to hold the pieces together.   Rotate 180 degrees and  complete the other side.  Removing the release paper on the diagonal cut, half way folding the  release paper to  hang off of the edge so that you can remove it later. Remove the backing of the tape just before the first score line. Fold over ( just one row) at the first score line ( don’t stick it down yet), bend this to fold  two score lines down, keeping this straight,  press the taped edge into the shadow box base. Remove  the release paper at one  side of the diagonal cut and tuck the side under the diagonal cut edge. Bring the edges together to form a snug mitre and press the diagonal  edge down to press the tape onto the frame.

You now have one frame edge  left. Remove the release paper and join the edges as you have on the other three corners.  The 5 x 7″ Shadow Box Frame is now complete.

Here is a video that shows the process.

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