Never Ending Card

Never Ending Card

Hello Everyone.   I have a very special project for todays post. A Never Ending Card, it’s made especially for my grandson,  Isaac. He’ll be celebrating his  birthday on June 8. He loves interactive cards and this one is the mac daddy of interactive cards.

You may have arrived from ,  Welcome. If you’d like to start there ,  here is the link >>>>   Tara’s Blog.

I have found that  if you pay attention to  measurements this  card  works like a dream. Children and adults are mesmerized by the workings of a Never Ending  Card. It can be used for any occasion too.

How to Make a Never Ending Card  – Mesmerizes All Ages:

1. Base –   6 x 12 ” piece of card stock ( 80 lb) . If the base is too heavy the card will not fold properly.

2.  Cut 4 pieces 3 x 6 making sure to have them exactly the same.

img_00373.  Score 1/2″ ,  rotate the card stock to place the other edge into the beginning of the score tool and  score at the 1/2 ” mark. You now have 2 score marks  running down both sides of the card stock.

4. Pencil  a  line at   1/2″  mark ( the paper should be horizontal) on each side of 2  – 3 x6  pieces.

5. Adhere  double sided adhesive tape just below the 1/2 mark line almost to the score line. Making sure not to come up to,   not over or at the score line.

6. Add another piece of double sided adhesive to the same piece  a smidgeon from the bottom  edge  to almost the score line. There should be 2 pieces of tape on each side.

7. Repeat this to   the other side .  2  – 3 x 6  card stock pieces total  . The remaining    3 x 6 ” pieces  will not have  adhesive .

img_00428. Lay the pieces with tape horizontally in front of you. Have one piece  with the tape at the top and another with the tape at the bottom

9. Remove the top left hand corner tape ( both pcs) .

10. Taking a piece of card stock without tape vertically and align the corner together. Making sure it is perfectly even top and side and press down to adhere the tape.

12. Move over to the top right hand corner and remove both backing pieces.

13. With the last piece vertically,  match the corner of the piece without tape to the corner with tape, once you are sure that there is no over hang and the top and edge are perfectly matched press down to secure the tape to the top layer.

img_004514. Repeat the same process to the bottom right hand corner.

15. With the card  facing up ( the score lines will be horizontal one top and the second at the bottom). Hold you left hand on the left hand side and fold the right hand flap over. Burnish.

16. Hold the right hand on the right hand side and fold the left hand flap over burnish.

17. Work your way through the card burnishing the score lines as you go.

18. Return the card back to the original position and decorate each layer.

Additional  Paper and Cutting Measurements as Desired :

Matting layer : 6    2-7/8  x 2-7/8 ”    Pattern Paper: 6    2-3/4  x  2-3/4

Matting  layer : 12   1-3/8  x 2-7/8 ”   Pattern Paper:   12   1-1/4  x  2-3/4″

Matting Layer 8   1-3/8 x 1-3/8″         Pattern Paper  8   1-1/4 x 1-1/4 ”

Embellish as you wish.

Here is a video if you prefer to see how it’s made:


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