Magnetic Cards for  Die Storage

Die storage can be challenging at best. Magnetic cards are a great way to store wafer and steel  dies. Storing dies on  magnetic cards,  allows  for easy access, you are able to  see what you have and this encourages you to use what you have. If dies are tucked away the tendency is to forget what you have. Creating will be all about the process and  not trying to.


Magnetic Cards are  Quick and Easy to Make

Magnetic card die storage system is very economical, quick  and  super easy to make. Chipboard and Magnetic Vent Covers are the main materials. Most paper-crafters already have chipboard stashed somewhere.  12 x 12 pattern paper packs  contain chipboard to give the package stability. This project  is a great way to up-cycle  any chipboard you have been saving . If you do not have chipboard , it can be sourced below. Magnetic Vent Covers are available at big box  home improvement stores, or conveniently at the bottom of the post, just click on the image.

Make Your Own Magnetic Cards

I would suggest using a paper trimmer with a  self sharpening blade, or scissors.  Gather  the tools and supplies required  to make our very own Magnetic Cards for Wafer and Steel Die Storage and work along with me.

Magnetic Vent Covers – contain 3 sheets 8″ x 15″or 20.3 x 38.1 cm, chipboard, double sided tape, pencil, ruler and a cutting tool of your choice.

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